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Cake Cutting Guide

  • Keep your cake refrigerated until 1 hour before you are ready to serve and cut it. DO NOT keep your cake in a hot car or in direct sunlight.
  •  If the cake is very large or complex in design, it’s best that 2 people tackle the cake cutting. One person should exclusively focus on the cutting, while the other should be responsible for distributing the cut slices.
  •  Keep a damp towel ready- this would be required to wipe your knife clean and clear it of crumbs, after every few slices. If you fail to do this, the cake slices tend to become untidy and ragged along the edges. If you aren’t careful, the cake may also end up like a big mound on the plate.
  •  Be sure to remove all inedible items before cutting your cake. Please refer to the enclosed inedible items list if applicable. Inedible items may include but not limited to cake toppers, toys, cake bling, ribbon, cake supports / dowels etc.
  •  If you are cutting a cake that’s tiered, remove / separate the tiers starting with the top tier before cutting into the cake. This will prevent the cake from collapsing or toppling over.
  •  DO NOT use a plastic knife to cut your cake. It is best to use a long, thin bladed knife. Be sure to cut with a gentle sawing motion. Remember to wipe the knife clean after each slice.
  • To remove the cake slices, it is best to use a triangular/wedge spatula. You can also turn the knife flat to place the cake on the plate.

The technique you use will entirely depend on the shape of your cake. Please follow the enclosed cutting diagram to ensure proper cutting and enough cake

It’s not too difficult to cut rectangular and square cakes; but the round ones can be quite tricky to tackle. Regardless of the shape of the cake, the serving size typically measures either 1-2″.

If you have questions regarding the cake cutting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Happy Cutting!!